Ebay Marketing

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Ebay Marketing

Learn How To Launch Your Own eBay Business With Our Step By Step Ebay Income System …

Discover the proven step-by-step blueprint for creating a 5-figure a month eBay business from home. Presented by eBay “Power Seller” Stephen Lennox, this comprehensive online course will give you everything you need to launch your very own eBay business and start making £1,000 to £50,000 a month from home.

eBay is a unique business model because you hardly need to invest anything in order to start making money from it.  When you know which products are in high-demand and where to find them, you’ll be able to maximize your returns and create a thriving eBay business in no time.

Setting up your eBay account the right way is crucial to your success on this platform. Follow our step-by-step ‘set-up’ process which gives you the quickest and most direct route to achievement.

Course Programme

  • How to start making money on eBay with little to no investment
  • How to find the most wildly profitable niche markets that generate massive margins
  • How to source red-hot, in-demand products that generate bumper profits!
  • How to work out your profits before you buy the product with our easy-to-use profit calculator form
  • How to make a profit in your very first month
  • The cash-sucking products you must avoid if you want to maximise your profit potential immediately
  • How to source and purchase hugely profitable products from overseas at knockdown prices.
  • Learn a time-tested and proven technique for negotiating the best prices from sellers
  • How to correctly list an item to maximise sales
  • How to structure your ad correctly
  • What time of day to list your product for maximise results
  • Keywords proven to attract targeted hungry buyers
  • How to AUTOMATE your entire eBay business
  • How to create a ‘bidding frenzy’ on your products to drive up the price
  • How to drive more traffic towards your products

Your Course Instructor

Stephen Lennox is an eBay “Power Seller” and has sourced hundreds of different products, from cosmetics to electronics from manufacturers all over the world.

Stephen has created a very successful and profitable business online using marketplaces such as eBay. He has developed a proven step-by-step eBay income system and enjoys sharing this knowledge to help others learn how to make the most of the great opportunities that these online platforms offer for businesses and individuals alike.

Learn How To Use The Power of eBay To Set Up A Successful And Profitable Online Business

Online Course Investment: £297

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Internet Business School

The Internet Business School was founded in 2007 by successful online entrepreneur, Simon Coulson, one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers. The Internet Business School is the place to learn everything you need to put your business online.

Whether you have an existing business you want to bring online, an online business that could perform better, or you’re starting out and want to build your own new business online – you are in the right place. Simon founded the Internet Business School after finding out himself just how much there was to learn about doing business online and how widespread the information is.

The Internet Business School has grown to become one of the UK’s leading learning centres. This organisation has trained over 1,000′s of entrepreneurs and created many successful online businesses. The Internet Business School has been accredited by NCFE providing Level 3 and 4 accredited Internet Marketing Courses.

Nationally Recognised & CPD Accredited Centre

The Internet Business School has been approved as a NCFE Investing in Quality (IIQ) centre to give formal recognition to our courses. Our accreditation gives assurance that the content of our training courses is of the highest standard, and meets the rigorous quality assurance requirements of a national awarding organisation. We have expert tuition on all aspects of doing business online from a panel of professionals who have made literally £millions online.

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